SARUF recommends upgraded earthquake drills techniques


MANILA, Philippines – The Search and Rescue Unit Foundation (SARUF) has on Sunday (17 November 2019) recommended for the government to initiate for upgraded techniques in performing earthquake drills in the country.

In Sunday’s Balitaan sa Maynila forum, SARUF President Jerry Carual said an upgrade seems appropriate at this time because insincerity on the part of the public in drills is so glaring and this could lead to disastrous effects on life and limbs.

Carual added awareness of the public on being alert before disasters occur should be addressed and upgraded together with training at least one family member who could stand a leader in times of crisis.

It remains accordingly as their foundation’s main concern to have at least one or two trained family member who can immediately lead and respond in rescue efforts for each Filipino family.

This could be the father or eldest son Carual said.

Re-introduction of mobilization technique is also needed Carual said as the “duck, cover, and hold” technique may no longer hold water because for one, it was learned movement of people with hands positioned on top of their head is very limited.

Helmets he said are better protection against falling debris aside from goggles, whistles, flashlight, safety shoes, and survival kits perfectly positioned near doors or in places that are easy to reach.

An unannounced earthquake drill is also highly recommended by SARUF so as to measure public alertness to respond to emergencies. (Benjie Cuaresma/IAMIGO/CNS)

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