9-year-old boy to become youngest college graduate


MANILA, Philipines – An international news online said a nine-year old boy is set to become the youngest person to finish a bachelor’s degree.

Laurent Simons, from Amsterdam, will finish his electrical engineering course at Eindhoven University of Technology.

According to the Daily Telegraph report, the half Dutch and half Belgian boy has an intelligent quotient (IQ) of at least 145.

Simons will finish his degree in December.

In an interview of Daily Telegraph, Alexander, Laurent’s father, told about his son’s plans after college.

“Laurent’s aim is to do a PhD into life extension, by carrying out research into artificial organs and robotics,” Alexander said.

Alexander and his wife Lydia told CNN that it was Laurent’s grandparents who first discovered their son’s exceptional capability.

Lydia joke about her son during her pregnancy, her son probably got the gift of fast learning when she ate a lot of fish. (Cate Pallarco/IAMIGO/CNS)

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