“Solid Pro-Duterte” seen at huddle with Robredo’s political allies


I am not at all surprised when a source told me of this person now flittering close to the circles of Vice president Leni Robredo. Actually, many already knew of this lady as somewhat raised without any spine, or simply a balimbing. Nothing terribly wrong with being a balimbing because even the Chinese has a saying that a person needs to be as pliant and as bending as a bamboo when it comes to politics and business. Being a political ideologue is something not at all a desirable tag. In this kind of political environment where politicians shift allegiances just like how they change their underwear shows you the shallow-ness of our politics, which I even described as cacique politica.

The thing is, this lady is supposed to be better than those former journalists turn publicists turn political analysts. She is one of those expected to bring at least some decency in the industry but, as things turn out, she is now far worse than the worst there is. Hay, how money talks!

Anyway, for me, nothing wrong since this is business, and what she is doing is not something of an ideological pursuit but rather just entirely business. It is not in the business of anyone involved in, say Public Relations, to mix his or her ideological beliefs with that of matters of livelihood.

What piqued my interest is the news that I got that she once shared sensitive information about the Yellow Party when she immediately shifted from her camp to another. During Pinoy’s time, she was a staunch defender of liberal democracy. When Duterte snatched the presidency from the cacique master of this woman, she immediately went out of her way to ingratiate herself before the Davao mayor, and sold all those confidential and highly sensitive information about the yellow camp to the other side. Some say she was the one who instigated the Duterte camp to prosecute a known human rights lawyer and put that person in jail.

Now that Leni is now under the spotlight, she now wants to work with her even though she knows that every single person in that room who stayed yellow, knew of what she did. Talk about being spineless, this one is just a tad more classic.

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