Govt official nearly died of a heart attack after advocate exposed his illicit acts


Who is this secretary who blew his top during a morning flag ceremony? Well, people expect him to really lose his temper after some gutsy individual from that generation of Bedans whom President Duterte proudly associates himself with, exposed his immoral behavior? 

The government official was so angry, he even had the gall to curse someone from his department whom he suspected of spreading false propaganda against him. For a long time, this official had been under the impression that this other official is after his post. What he does not know that this time, this is serious. Even his very own principal wants his butt out of the department for causing undue shame and embarrassment especially to the honest men and women working tirelessly for the benefit of many Filipinos.

The official whom this senior citizen of an official cursed, defended himself before the throng, repeatedly telling everyone of his innocence. And surely he is.

What this government official does not know is that he is surely now under the radar of patriotic elements within the Duterte administration who wants nothing more than cleanse the bureaucracy of misfits like him. He has committed high corruption, when he not just tried to profit from his post–he also used his position to gain undue sexual advances to several of his lady staffers.

He has been a shame for Mr. Duterte who has been known to be “Mr. Clean” even during his stint as Davao mayor. Unfortunately, Mr. Duterte seems unable to punish this official the way he treated drug dependents and pushers because he feels that he owes this person a political debt for bringing him to Malacanan. Plus, the fact that they shared the same bed together when they were struggling law students at San Beda. Maybe some thing came about from this bed sharing (:-)

Anyway, these two officials nearly came into blows, as the one accusing turned on his beast mode, the same thing the other did, albeit more civilized than the other.  Honestly, the accused official is more athletic than his boss, but prudence seized him and he did not anymore made a big fuzz out of it.

Who is this shitful and shameful official?


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