Flip flopping on Duterte’s condition


The palace issued a statement stating that President Rodrigo Roa Duterte want nothing more than work just thrice a week, only to be modified later on with a statement which essentially says, ” opps, all’s fine. The president is fine. He will just be at Davao, working and signing voluminous papers, etcetera..”

Why the flip-flopping?

Everyone understands that at seventy plus years old, Mr. Duterte is not as fit as before. At the onset of his term, Mr. Duterte has time and again, reminded the public of his illnesses and his physical weaknesses, although this time, it seems that Malacanan issues statements which creates the impression that Mr. Duterte’s condition is not as good as before.

Yes, the constitution states that the Executive Department must inform the public of the president’s condition. Yet, the palace deems it wise not to share medical bulletin on Mr. Duterte’s health despite highly public images of him grimacing in pain, using a walking stick or direct admissions from the President himself or thru his most trusted aide, Senator Bong Go, of him suffering from pelvic pain or “muscle spasms” as what Go describes them, and later be given a “clean bill of health” only to withdrew such claims later.

We have historical experience as a people of being fooled by the Palace by not disclosing fully the health condition of the Chief Executive, and this is understandable on the point of view of national security. At least, give the true state or condition of the President in a meeting with members of the House and the Senate, with the condition that this be given at the executive session. Why?

This is not anymore a partisan thing–it concerns everybody, since we are talking about the highest official of the land. His health concerns every sector of society, be it his family or the lowest member of society.

There is something there when the palace itself issues statements that favors Vice President Leni Robredo’s leading the charge on the anti-drugs campaign. Is the palace expecting something major to happen very soon? With the age of the president, the level of pain he is reportedly experiencing and the medication he is taking, it is of no surprise to expect the unexpected. Anything is possible at this point.

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