DOLE urges employers to accord elderly, PWD employees equal wages, benefits


MANILA, Philippines – The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) said on Sunday, November 10, that employers should provide their workers who are senior citizens and PWDs (person with disabilities) with equal wages and benefits.


“We noticed this good development in companies who employ senior citizens and PWDs because of the intensified advocacy of the government. However, we would like to remind them that these senior citizens and PWD workers are also entitled to equal wages and opportunities in the workplace,” said Labor Assistant Secretary Benjo Benavidez in a statement.


Benavidez added that the four-hour work scheme for senior citizens and PWDs should also be according to the minimum wage law while eight (8) hours of work should be compensated with appropriate overtime pay.


“The four-hour work scheme of the employed senior citizens and PWDs should also be according to the minimum wage law; while working for more than eight hours should be compensated with appropriate overtime pay,” he said.


DOLE made the statement after various photos in different social media platforms, showing senior citizens and PWDs working in some fast food chains and restaurants in Metro Manila.


“The department is glad to receive these reports because they are being given the chance to have income and participate in the economic activity of the country despite their age or disability,” said Benavidez.


However, the labor official also reminded employers that there are policies promoting equal access to employment regardless of their gender, ability, and age.


In Repulic Act No. 10911 or known as the “Anti-age Discrimination in Employment Act,” which aims to promote the employment of individuals based on their abilities, knowledge, skills, and qualifications rather than their age.”


The labor agency said that department conducts frequent visits and seminars to encourage the employers hire the differently-abled persons and senior citizens and avail the benefits of implementing the law such as tax incentives schemes, to aid the employers in enforcing the law. (Cate Pallarco/IAMIGO/CNS)

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