Ex-Justice Carpio advises Robredo to turn down Duterte’s job offer


Former Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonio Carpio thinks that Vice President Leni Robredo should not accept the formal offer of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte to sit as vice chairman of a government committee on illegal drugs. By accepting the offer of Mr. Duterte, Robredo would also become part of a fiasco, says Carpio before hosts of the “Chiefs” over at One Channel last night.

Carpio’s reason is not what Robredo’s official spokesperson Atty. Barry Gutierrez thinks. Gutierrez thinks that the offer is just a  “ruse” and a political tactic to trap Robredo. Carpio’s take differs because he now worries that the minute Robredo takes on the role as Duterte’s drug czarina, she will part of a failed project which the President himself admitted.

Carpio likewise shares the same concern Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) chair Aquino noted– that Robredo is “bound to fail” because of her lack of experience in law enforcement. Fighting the menace of the illegal drug proliferation requires not just a policy making skill but the skill and experience in dealing with criminal syndicates, something which Robredo has no inkling of.

The former associate justice thinks that Robredo should not accept the job because the onus of the work still lies with the President. As vice chairman, Robredo will still follow the directives of Duterte and the possibility of a clash of interests and views exists.

Carpio says the drug project of the Duterte administration has pathetically failed, not because of the lack of resources, but because of the tactics and strategies which the President promoted. Those strategies, says Carpio, had already failed and no amount of modifications or even the entry of a new leader to lead it would not suffice.

Worse, in the case to be filed against Duterte in the international court of justice, Carpio thinks Robredo’s name might be included the minute she accepts the job offer. Robredo’s acceptance also means her acceptance of the failed policies, activities and strategies of Mr. Duterte.

Instead of leading the anti-drugs campaign, Robredo should instead use a whole of nation approach by calling for a summit and involve all agencies of government. Robredo must proffer this before Duterte to prevent a loss of face, says Carpio.

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