Exclusive! Secret PYT of Old Government Official looks like Ivana Alawi


Who is this government official who gifted his PYT or Pretty Young Thing with a foreign posting to make sure that she does not squeal his secret stash of a billion pesos, his treasonous trips abroad and his trysts from his Amazona wife?

Unknown to the PYT though, she has been replaced by the old fart, this time, with a much older lady lawyer fresh from passing the bar. But don’t worry P-Y-T— your old lover will not jerk you out of that foreign post, no, not yet. For one thing, you, P-Y-T is the official’s official collector of tara.

Prior to her posting abroad, PYT is just a mere employee of the department which the old fart has been fortunate to be appointed into. After his involvement in a very sleazy and very humiliating incident two decades ago, no one considered him for any government posting because ever since, he has been known to accept bribes and your usual tara.

For years, he contented himself with the crumbs, lawyering for unknowns and assisting several big-time human smugglers. When his friend got the power, he was one of those who benefitted.

When the old man saw the PYT the first time, it is as if he saw an angel. And PYT does not disappoint. Sources say she looks like Ivana Alawi– an angelic face in a curvy body.

He asked that the PYT be posted in his office, and for several months, the old fart just contented himself by ogling and sometimes, touching the soft skin of PYT. PYT was coy at first but when she saw that the old man was an expert in raising millions in just a day, she saw an opportunity to lift herself and her family from poverty.

Eventually, the old fart got what he wanted–a night with PYT. Sources told this writer that before the old official got his way with PYT, he reportedly gifted her with an expensive watch coupled with two bundles of cash worth 200,000 pesos.

The first night did not end there. The PYT accompanied the old government official in his about forty trips abroad. Every chance they make, the love birds sneak out of the official delegation for two, even three nights of shopping, with the PYT buying what she wants of course, charged to the expense of the government official who seemingly had tons of cash with him every trip.

In no time at all, PYT managed to build a mansion of a house, buy a condominium and a car. I just don’t know how PYT managed to hide all of these things, seeing that her official salary is just around 20,000 per month. No one seems to care taking a peek into her SALN.

But the old government official, a lawyer by profession, did take notice.

To save his PYT from possible criminal and administrative cases, the old government official took time off to look for a posting abroad for his PYT. He got one, and through his machinations, was able to secure that posting for PYT despite lacking the credentials.

Sources told me that being discovered by the Ombudsman is not just the concern of old fart. Seems like the old fart already found a replacement for PYT–and this time, the flavor of the month is a professional. What old fart gave as an alibi for PYT is the possibility of being caught or charged with corruption if authorities suddenly discovered her newly improved socio-economic status.

The old fart’s new tryst mate is much sexier, more mature and more intelligent than PYT. In just a few months detailed in the old fart’s office, the new flavor of the month got her promotions as fast as lightning and immediately got the trust and confidence of the old man.

This new PYT reportedly received ten million pesos from a big-time manufacturer who was found to have violated regulations. The businessman was so happy because he escaped paying government millions of pesos.

Who is this old government official? Sources told me that his friend knew the sonafaguns’ activities but still refuses to kick his butt out of government. The wife of the old official is willing to testify against her husband, but was prevailed upon after her husband gave her a resort in their home province.

How about the PYT? Will she be willing to rat her lover out?



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