Lebanon PM resigns amidst political crisis


Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri tendered his resignation before President Michael Aoun amidst a political crisis sparked by a two-week long anti-government protests by thousands of Lebanese. This after security forces allied with the Hezbollah attacked the camps of the anti-government protesters.

Describing what he underwent as leading to a “dead end”, Hariri had been receiving public flak over accusations that the government cabinet had been involved in serious corruption charges and is to be blamed for the worsening economic and social conditions in Lebanon. With Hariri’s resignation comes the resignation of all members of the Lebanese cabinet.

Protesters demand the resignation of all government officials over charges of massive corruption and demands for the economic elites to be punished for reportedly controlling the economy to the detriment of the people.

Tensions rose in Beirut, the capital city, after protesters encamped in several places near government facilities.

Hariri’s resignation could worsen instead of ease public unrest. The Lebanese government has been under a destabilized situation since 2009 after Syria withdrew from it.

Hariri is widely known as a supporter of the West while most Lebanese had demanded for a government that is more allied with Iran.


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