Town exec joins call for Abay to apologize ASAP to Pilenos


PILA, Laguna – The local chief executive of this sleepy, historic town has joined the call for rock singer Dong Abay to “apologize as soon as possible” to the people of Pila councilor Raffy Antonio told the CNS in an exclusive interview Saturday, 26 October 2019.


Antonio, who earlier assailed the singer’s indecent act on stage during a privilege speech last Tuesday, said he talked with mayor Egay Ramos and the latter strongly supports the idea to have Abay apologize or take the risk of being declared persona non grata, and forever blacklisted artist in future performances in the town.


Last Friday, 18 October 2019, the former Yano vocalist who left the folk-rock band in 1997, performed in Pila upon invitation by the municipal government for its “ Oktoberfest” but the alleged main man of the concert fund-raising activity went overboard as he repeatedly swore on town folks while urging them for applause.


“Mga putang-ina nyong mga taga-Pila kayo…, pumalakpak naman kayo!,” Antonio quoted Abay as repeatedly saying.


“Ok lang sana kung twice o thrice syang nag-PI. Eh seven times nyang ginawa na para bang tuwang-tuwa pa sya,” Antonio said.


Antonio added Abay’s on-stage brickbats were extremely “disgusting while supremely indecent” for a mixed audience of young, old, teenagers and women.


Aside from his on-stage verbal abuse, Abay also did an extremely lewd act by putting his right hand inside the front side of his pants, ostensibly stroking his manhood even as he also urged the women to give him their panties to wipe away sweat on his body.


“Ipinagtatanggol ko lang ang karapatan ng bayan sa pambababoy ni Abay,” Antonio said. “Sana ‘wag masamain ito ng ibang mga Lipeno na nagsasabing gusto ko lamang magpapansin.”


Antonio also said Pila is a town known for its love of decent music and religion.


Back of the makeshift stage where Abay performed and spewed unprintables on loudspeakers is a declared National landmark, the church of San Antonio de Padua Antonio said. (IAMIGO/CNS)

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