5 Ways to enjoy Sex for procreation


Sex is something which people find hard to discuss. It’s always considered taboo, or at the very least, too personal. That was several years ago.

Today, many sites discuss sex openly, probably because many people treat online viewing as a personal thing.

Here at Currentph.com, we don’t shun our responsibility of informing our publics about sex. Sex is something to be learned, enjoyed and indulged with. Sex brings salubrious benefits to the body. The very act of sex produces endorphins which brings about feelings of joy and happiness. It is the best fat burner, with about 100-300 calories burn in a 30-minute sexual encounter.

In this article, we give you some tips on how to enjoy having sex with your legitimate partner with the intention of procreation.

First, prepare yourself. Prior to the sexual act, bathe. Make yourself beautiful. Do some form of stretching exercise before getting into the bed. Sex requires physical exertion.

Second, be conscious of your surroundings. Studies show that dimly lit rooms with just the right temperature is ideal for sex. Don’t turn on the tele while you are having sex. Make sure that alarms are all off (except the fire alarm).

Third, be aware of your partner’s needs. It is always best to satisfy your partner before you think of satisfying yourself.

Fourth, be real. Many people especially women, often fake their orgasms. Be open to your partner. Tell him or her what you want or what you felt when you were having sex. Being open gives you and your partner the chance to do some adjustments to make the very act pleasurable.

Fifth, explore. What many women find pleasurable is if the man worships her by exploring different parts of her body, including those which many consider as erogenous zones.


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