Quiricada fire left 200 families homeless

UNCOMMON DEDICATION TO DUTY HIS HOUSE IS ON FIRE but CURRENTPH photo correspondent Mike Taboy still managed to capture vivid pictures of firemen trying to put out the fire that ate up at least 100 homes and displaced more than 200 families in their neighborhood in Quiricada St. Barangay 334 Sta. Cruz, Manila, Tuesday, 22 October 2019. Arson investigators have yet to determine cause of the fire that allegedly reached alarm l5.

MANILA, Philippines – At least 200 families are now homeless after a fire broke out before lunch Tuesday, 22 October 2019, at a residential area in Quiricada, Sta.Cruz, Maynila.

Firemen claimed alarm on the fire went up around 11:50 in the morning Tuesday, and believed to have originated on the third floor of an apartment house owned by Mamaril family.

Arson investigators averred more than 100 houses were eaten up by the fire in which fire investigators are still trying to determine the cause.

Putting out the noontime inferno proved to be a big challenge to firemen and local volunteers because the affected houses were accordingly made from light materials.


Fittingly, the affected residential area is right behind the Manila Central Fire Station and right in front of the San lazaro Hospital.

Of this writing, firefighters have yet to declare a total fire out. (Mike Taboy/BCuaresma/IAmigo/CNS)

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