Singer Dong Abay, the other half of the nineties rock band Yano, went on stage and reportedly cursed the audience while mashing his genitals. The incident happened in the sleepy town of Pila in the province of Laguna, where an Oktoberfest concert was held. Currentph editor Ismael Amigo was there and witnessed the incident himself.


Rock Singer Dong Abay, who co-founded the iconic nineties band, Yano, cannot step in any place in the town of Pila in Laguna, if local Councilor Raffy Alava Antonio is to be asked.

Alava banned Abay after his performance at the Oktoberfest benefit concert where the singer known for his theatrics on stage, was deemed offensive to the local culture and traditions.

In an Exclusive report by Currentph, editor Ismael Amigo documented a video where Abay is seen cursing the audience while on stage.

Photos also show Abay mashing his genitals while trash-talking the audience, who were mostly young children, old women and senior citizens.

“Mga putang-inang mga taga-Pila kayo…, pumalakpak naman kayo!” Antonio quoted Yano as saying during their Oktoberfest benefit concert where Abay was supposedly the main performer and those he said, proved too much for them to take.

It was also learned Yano also urged the womenfolk to give him their panties for him to wipe away sweat on his tattooed bare body.

Abay, who had suffered from depression and alleged drug use, went on a comeback with his signature punk-inspired fashion and music. He now performs solo after a breakup with his partner who initially founded Yano.

Yano is best known for the songs ” Santong Kabayo” which captivated the minds and interests of the Filipino people during the later part of the nineties. (Photo courtesy Coun. Raffy Antonio/IAmigo/CNS)

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