Cam files 3 Libel cases vs wife of slain Batuan vice mayor


MANILA, Philippines –Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office (PCSO) Board Member Sandra Cam has filed several libel cases against Lalaine Yuson, wife of slain Batuan, Masbate vice mayor Charlie Yuson III, on Monday, 14 October 2019, along with three different dailies.

Cam said she has filed three different libel cases against Lalaine Yuson saying the latter unjustly besmirched her family’s reputation and so did the media.

Mrs. Yuson recently held a press conference and accused the former Bicol Region Board Member to having a hand on her husband’s killing last Wednesday morning (October 9, 2019) while eating breakfast at a carenderia in Sampaloc, Manila.

It was gathered Cam filed the three libel cases against Mrs. Yuson before the sala of Fiscal Dyna Pacquing at the Manila Prosecutors Office Monday.

Several newspaper publishers and reporters were also allegedly slapped with similar libel cases by Cam who said the working media could have been responsible enough by go through first with facts before publishing.

The newspaper outlets involved in Cam’s libel case are Abante, Inquirer at Tonite Files.

According to Cam’s legal counsel in Atty. Rizal Balbin, they are planning to file 20 more libel cases but respondents of which are yet to be finalized.

“My position in filing the case is to protect my integrity and my family,” said Cam.

“The shotgun accusation of the bereaved widow is totally abhorrent as she has no license to maliciously defame my name and imputation to a crime.”

Cam added that Mrs. Yuson “could have waited the result of the investigation of the police before conducting her media press conference.”

“We should always adhere to the rule of law,” she said.

And for the working media, Cam said “I am pleading that they should have exercised responsible journalism. Innocent people like us are entitled with rights that must not be tarnished.”

During the press conference, Mrs. Yuson stressed that motive of her husband’s killing is nothing more than politics especially that their son Charmax Jan Yuson defeated Cam’s son Marco in the 2019 mayoral elections in Masbate.

Mrs. Yuson also claimed one of the suspects used to be a personal driver before of Cam.

In several television and radio interviews, Cam vehemently denied having a hand in Yuson’s killing saying she is very busy attending to official business matters at PCSO she said.

Meanwhile, the Manila Prosecutor’s Office has accordingly ordered the release the four suspects saying “the murder and the two frustrated murder cases filed against Bradford Solis, Juanito de Luna, Junel Gomez, and Rigor dela Cruz would be referred for further investigation.”

On the other hand, Manila Police District (MPD) Director Brig. Gen. Vicente Danao Jr. said that, in as much as they “wanted to build a strong case against the suspects, the decision of the Inquest Fiscal to Refer the case for Further Investigation (RFI)is beyond the control of the MPD.” (BC/IAmigo/CNS)

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