Singapore: Time to visit the Lion City


While Hong Kong rages, tourists could consider going to Singapore instead. Singapore is by far, the cleanest and the most cosmopolitan Asian city ever.

If you love eating, and trying out different beers and tastes, Singapore is the best place to hang out with your friends and family. This very colourful city is just a three hour flight from Manila. A former member of the Malayan Federation in the sixties, Singapore has already made a mark of itself different from its Malaysian neighbour.

What I so love about Singapore is that it manages to maintain its multiculturalism and multi-racial composition under a rules regime. Whether you are a Western or Asian, the only thing and the most simple rule is–just abide by the law, and everything would be fine. Just do what you have to do under the very limits which the People’s Legislature established.

Expats whom I talked with regularly, however, prefer Hongkong than Singapore. Hongkong is more “alive” they say. Through the years though, Singapore has slowly changed and has become “more open.” Before, there used to be those issues of banning smoking in public places and chewing gum. Now, with most Asian countries already banning smoking cigarettes in common places, such bans are not anymore “uniquely Singapore.”

Food is one of the main reasons why travellers go to Singapore. Before, it used to be going to the malls and shopping. Shopping for global brands is not cheap in Singapore. You have to go to Thailand and Kuala Lumpur to do just that, and some say, even Vietnam.

The good thing about Singapore is that you’ll rarely find a contraband or a fake goods there. Importers or manufacturers of fake goods are immediately placed under arrest. Trust to find or buy high quality goods from global and luxury brands. No where you’ll find women wearing fake Louis or Hermes.

You’ll appreciate Singapore because it is considered a garden city. The city fills your senses with pleasurable sights—huge, tall, high-rise buildings dot the green landscape. Air pollution is measured and “regulated.” You’ll rarely hear loud noises.

Looking for a quiet and leisurely tour, think Singapore.

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