CYL bats for truth behind OVY charge of 380 million php illegal funds mess


Celina Yanson-Lopez, one of the Yanson Four and Chief Financial Officer of Vallacar Bus Transit today re-affirms her commitment towards reconciliation and urges her mother, Olivia Yanson to tell the unvarnished truth behind the alleged 380 million peso missing funds.

In her first public appearance since this issue broke out publicly, CVL says she was deeply hurt by allegations hurled against her by her mother when everyone knows who are responsible for these alleged unliquidated funds which occurred during her watch as CFO of Vallacar.

Without publicly mentioning the names, CYL revealed for the first time why her mother got angry last 2018 that precipitated the break between the Yanson majority and her mother with Leo Rey and Ginnette.

“ This thing broke out because of my mother’s kind heart, pakikisama and the tendency to play favorites. My mother got angry with me, alongside three of us, Ricky, Roy and Emily because we want the guy responsible for these illicit withdrawals from the Manila Purchasing Office (MPO) to be legally charged..

“ We wanted justice. My mother preferred the other way—since she treated this guy as one of the family having served us for many years. When we discovered that the guy was the one who orchestrated this big mess in cahoots with another, a lady cashier, the board wanted their heads. My mother intervened and out of pity, even wanted to pay for those funds which this guy allegedly took,” Celina says.

Instead of castigating the guy who reportedly served Vallacar for more than two decades, Olivia reportedly covered for his misdemeanor and instead blamed her four children, particularly Celina, for the mess.

A source within the family says that the guy is now enjoying his newly-found wealth in a town in Negros island. He is reportedly fond of cockfighting.

A check with the auditing and accounting process within Vallacar Bus Transit reveals that the missing funds were reportedly withdrawn from the Manila Purchasing Office (MPO) checking account. The former official responsible for this and the only one authorized to sign checks, reportedly left signed blank checks with their Manila-based cashier, Rowena Sarona.

Sarona is now facing a case before the courts in Quezon City after pieces of evidence show that she was the one who allegedly encashed those checks amounting to over 380 million php.

“ It is unfair to blame me for the missing funds. I am not the signatory of the MPO account. And the man responsible for the missing funds is not even being questioned! He is being protected by my mother. He is a free man and is often seen in the company of my mother. The blame is being passed on to me and I am being tried by public opinion despite several pieces of evidence which show otherwise.” Celina adds.

For true reconciliation to proceed, Celina advises, her mother and her siblings must tell the whole truth behind this funds scandal and “move forward.”

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