Sara Duterte: Primadona, spending intelligence funds to the detriment of poor kids. Kapal!


Is Sara Duterte a desperate person that she even spies upon students, teaching and academic personnel? Why? During a Senate budgetary hearing, the Vice President gave one helluva reason— public schools daw are breeding grounds for Communism, insurgency and  terrorism. What? 

Mrs. Vice President, obviously, you’re in the wrong department. The department of education is supposed to be headed not by a paranoid person or by a proud supporter of Hitlerian ideology, oh no. Education is supposed to free us from one track thinking, it is supposed to be liberating and it is supposed to enrich the mind. How can you do that in our public schools if the very head of Education thinks that the only way is her way? Why? Is she a brilliant person? She thinks she is, but take a look at her academic credentials, and it’s disappointing. And Ms. Duterte wants her way to be our way? My gulai! That explains why our educational standing right now is near the bottom of the rung as far as ASEAN countries are concerned. Not even surprising if you ask me. Ms. Duterte’s father, our former president, is content of getting “barely passing” or a palakol grade as a standard. Our vice president herself, was an underachiever and she thinks of imposing herself to us? You wish!

Our educational secretary is so obsessed with intelligence funds and so paranoid that she keeps 400 plus security personnel and spends 7 million pesos a day from her intel funds within just a week or two. Imagine that.

I think Ms. Duterte is still very much hurt by getting a department totally out of her league. I mean, we all know that she wanted nothing more than the defense department which was not given to her, but given to Gibo Teodoro, a person of very high intellectual calibre. Imagine if Mr. Marcos agreed to her as our defense chief, she would subject every member of the Armed Forces and all of the defense department to spying–and why? Like all paranoid persons, Ms. Duterte wants nothing more than having loyal people by her side and again, why?

Well, if you are a head of department who requests for half a billion pesos of intelligence funds, funds that are given to you liberally, you need loyal persons beside you para walang bukuhan and bukulan. Yes? Coz if not, why spend so much when our kids in public schools are very much deprived of the means to continue their education due to poverty?

Sobra na. Masyado nang malabis itong si Vice president Sara Duterte. I admit–I once admired and endorsed her but she is far from the leader that we aspire for. Why tolerate her primadona positioning? There is nothing, absolutely nothing progressive about her, and not one single love for the country sa kanyang vertebra. And yeah, Ms. Duterte even thinks that she’s God’s gift for the Filipino people, and that the presidency is something for her in the coming years. You wish. It would be hell on Philippine soil if we allow Ms. Duterte to assume the presidency. We don’t want someone who is utak pulbura not for the sake of the country but for her political and personal self-preservation to continue to lead this nation. Tama na. Nauto na tayo once, huwag tayong pauto twice.

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