Pro-China elites creating dire rice shortage scenario to destabilize PBBM government


A source told me that there is a possibility of a rice shortage several weeks from now. This artificial shortage is being manipulated by smugglers and rice cartel members upon strict orders from pro-China Filipinos, bastards all. The source even claimed that whatever efforts this government does, rice would always become a politicized commodity, a critique against the present administration.

The fact is, it is starting with former president Rodrigo Roa Duterte commenting that “20 peso a kilo of rice” is something of a dream. Only one newspaper however, published his damaging statement, a dig against President Ferdinand Marcos Junior.

I would not be surprised given the fact that these smugglers are close associates of smugglers close to the previous administration. With most big-time rice traders being Chinese, it would not be surprising if they want nothing more than control the levers of our economy to force us to capitulate to the hegemonic ambitions of the Communist Party of China (CPC). Heaven forbid!

Seven Filipino-Chinese families constitute this rice cartel. At least three of these rice cartel members have direct links with party leaders from Beijing.

These modern day Chinese butt lickers should be exposed and possibly even charged with treason. Hey, our country is trying to battle it out against this superpower bully, China, and here comes these pro-Chinese people plotting secretly against our president.

Again, let me stress– Currentph is not anti-Chinese people–it is against the imperialist ambitions of the Communist Party of China (CPC), a deviation from the instructions even of their former chairpersons, Mao Tsetung and Deng Xiaoping. The best for China, especially now that their economy tetters from the devastating effects of low demand, is for it to perfect the hybrid economic system they develop so that China continues to prosper. China is suffering from unemployment, low import and export and faces a possible real estate bubble burst, an indication that their middle class base is suffering from the dire effects of inflation.



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