Senator Escudero: 100 Million to build Structures at Ayungin Shoal


Amidst the escalating discourse surrounding the West Philippine Sea, Senator Chiz Escudero has presented a visionary proposition. He advocates for allocating a 100 million peso fund to establish port facilities at Ayungin Shoal. This ingenious proposal entails providing a home for our Naval forces and offering provisional havens for our fishermen.

This proposition carries profound significance. It conveys a resolute message to China, affirming our steadfast stance at Ayungin Shoal. By establishing these structures, we symbolize an unwavering commitment to safeguarding this region, making it clear that Ayungin Shoal is a boundary that China should never transgress. China’s assertions, channeled through their spokespersons advocating for cooperative ventures between the Philippines and China within this sector of the West Philippine Sea, hold little merit. Ayungin Shoal lies within our Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ), designated for the exclusive benefit of the Philippines. This designation unequivocally supports the Philippines’ sole prerogative over the area.

China’s claims to enter, construct, or exploit this portion of the world stand on weak grounds. The sanctity of the EEZ framework underscores that Ayungin Shoal falls under the Philippines’ jurisdiction, rendering any intrusion, construction, or exploitation by China both unwarranted and unjustifiable. If China disregarded these principles, they would be compelled to face the subsequent ramifications.

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