Pro-China Filipino Makapilis moving against Marcos Junior administration


New Filipino Makapilis are moving secretly like political chameleons with one goal: to undermine the present administration. Dirty minds are now at work, and their schemes will heighten on or before the State of the Nation address of President Bongbong Marcos. They are doing these despicable things not for the country but to advance their nefarious self-interests. They are in bed with our ambitious neighbor for one goal– force this administration to abandon its ties with the US, a simply impossible plan. These Makapilis had one thing in mind–to become China’s representatives here and carve out their turfs with the blessing of their Mandarin masters.

They don’t know that this President knows who these scheming leeches are, and quite frankly, these new Makapilis unknowingly commit seditious acts already. Anyway, they don’t need to be reminded of this.

These schemers try to convince us that they have the country’s interests in their minds when they actually and systematically caused tremendous harm to us during their time in office. They raided our public coffers. They controlled the levers of the bureaucracy mafia-like. Despite public showings of a more active anti-drugs campaign, their actions only allowed the Mexico Sinaloa cartel to gain further presence against the Asian triad.

I personally do not want these leeches to get back to power. If they do succeed in their evil schemes, I hope that God sends a Champion to annihilate these demonic legions out of this country. I pray that God strikes the hearts of their leader and expedites his trip to hell.

These leeches have succeeded in blinding some of our national leaders by controlling the intelligence network. So, their minions will freely move and do their despicable thing out of the political radar. How? Well, their designated champion has just been appointed second in command of the intelligence network, and everyone knows how critical control of this network is when it comes to things like coups. Coups you say? Well, yes, because this is the only thing necessary for their Mandarin masters to regain their loss of face after this administration decided to regain closer and stronger ties with Imperial America. For a long time, these Chinese leaders thought they had the Philippines under their influence. The thing is, they have themselves to blame for presuming that we Filipinos are weak and stupid not to see what these Chinamen are planning against us.

I dare say, let’s get the ball rolling guys. Meanwhile, I will just drink my Ceylon tea and watch as they tear themselves apart. Abangan!

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