Hated Palace Appointee Uses Wife’s “Influence” to get what he wants


Who is this hated palace appointee whom everybody wants out yet still manages to use his weight around just because of the alleged “enormous” influence of his wife? Currentph.com got wind of this after several palace officials complained before a high government official about the lurid things this palace appointee has been doing lately.

Probably thinking of the palace as a kingdom, this appointee treats his colleagues as if they are “subjects.” Some of those whom this appointee encountered are thinking of asking the Ombudsman to file charges against this person for violating the Civil Service Act.

He also wants some agencies to give his agency preferential treatment for several multi-million peso projects. Everyone knows that this appointee had been “purito” because of the scarcity of projects. That’s explainable, considering that this appointee is not great compared to others in his industry. Okay, frankly, he’s not commercially viable, and his ideas are so outdated, which many find curious since he is still a young shit.

Anyway, whenever some officials complain, this appointee hides behind the short saya of his wife, who also thinks that the “world is her oyster” being a social media influencer. Well, I don’t know with you, but how many of this lady’s so-called “thousands of subscribers” love her and really “hates” her?

We heard that the “lady in the house” wants him out pronto, yet, I think one of her undersecretaries still vouch for this mestizo-feeling guapo palace appointee. I just hope that Mr. President will finally kick this asshole out since the president himself said a palace “re-organization” is in the offing.


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