Filipinos will win a war with China

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Filipinos will win against a Chinese invasion. A war with China will cost many lives, yet, entirely possible to secure a victory thru an aggressive hybrid asymmetrical warfare. With the assistance of the United States, regular AFP units may frustrate invasive landings by the Chinese using highly sophisticated weaponry like missile systems. Should some Chinese troops manage to enter Manila, they will be cut down by formidable coastline defensive troops composed of civilians and regular soldiers. They will see their heads perched on lampposts. Filipino insurgents will reduce Chinese troops to the last man if these soldiers infiltrate our hills and mountains. They will see their heads and limbs atop narra and mahogany trees. With 3.9 million privately owned guns by about 1.7 million Filipinos, these Chinese troopers will surely learn a hard lesson in warfare.

What are three (3) things that make an invasion a costly affair for an aggressor? First, the indefensible long and irregular coastline of the Philippine archipelago. Second, the density per city by itself creates a tough defensive wall against any armed invader. And third, the combat experience of our troops and remaining Filipino rebels, be it the Communists or the Muslim secessionist armies that, still count to more than one hundred thousand. With the AFP leading the charge, these inexperienced Chinese troop recruits would learn a hard lesson in war from fiercely patriotic civilians who would even sacrifice their own lives for the sake of Inang Bayan.

Likewise, don’t discount the strong voice of Filipinos abroad. Expatriates will conduct a more massive propaganda campaign against Chinese aggression that will eclipse what happened during the Vietnam War. Since Filipinos are spread everywhere, those working in Chinese factories will indeed join the war effort by engaging in sabotage campaigns. Operations of Chinese factories both here and abroad will face massive disruptions on such a scale never seen by human eyes. Filipino domestic workers will kill, if necessary, especially those working in the households of these Chinese Communist leaders and their billionaire elite counterparts.

The message to Chinese Communist leaders is clear—don’t mess with us. We Filipinos have been tolerant of your irreverence for quite some time now. Filipinos will never allow these scumbags to trample on, rape, and pillage their lands. We are a peaceful race with a strong faith in God and our Constitution that forbids us from using war as an instrument of national policy. However, should our dear Motherland be put in a precarious situation, all of us will rise to defeat this monster. We may not have our nuclear or highly sophisticated conventional weapons, but we are 110 million strong people who will fight to the death any country or nation that goes here to oppress us. Trust me—victory will be ours.

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