DFA: Pinoys injured in Sudan


THE Department of Foreign Affairs on Wednesday said that a Filipino was among those injured in Sudan after being hit by a stray bullet, while the Philippine ambassador that was oversseing the evacuation figured in a car accident.

According to the DFA, the Filipinom who was not identified was “wounded in the hand by a stray bullet but he has received treatment.”

“No report on Filipinos killed due to the conflict,” DFA Spokesperson Teresita Daza said.

Another report said that Philippine Ambassador to Egypt Ezzedin Tago, who was on his way to the border between Egypt and Sudan, got involved in an accident.

“Fortunately, he was unharmed. He has returned to Cairo and will be flying to the border to facilitate the entry of Filipino evacuees to Egypt,” she said.

Meanwhile, DFA Undersecretary Ed de Vega said that Tago was in the car with Vice Consul Bojer Capati during the accident.

He said that the car rolled over two times.

The two are still proceedings to the border after they were discharged from the hospital.

As of Wednesday morning, the DFA has deployed 7 buses carrying around 300 repatriates from Sudan to Egypt, the Undersecretary said.

So far, 80 Filipinos have left Sudan, while 270 others are requesting for repatriation, data from the DFA showed.

Catherine R. Cueto

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