Bantag likely brains behind Percy Lapid slay

Bantag during happy days as chief of the NBP.

General Bantag is suspected of being the brains behind broadcaster Percy Lapid’s murder. That’s according to the National Bureau of Investigation or NBI. I don’t know Bantag. Whatever I write here came from several friends and sources within the NBP who reportedly knows Bantag.

Many inside the NBP think that a big Filipino-Chinese druglord set up Bantag. Yes, this druglord reportedly maintains ties with the local Mexican Sinoloa drug syndicate. This druglord is reportedly wresting control over the lucrative drug trade from another druglord who happens to be close to Bantag. The order to kill Lapid may indeed come from another source other than Bantag as a sort of a gift to the embattled former Bucor official. This other source, sources shared to me, might be that druglord affiliated with the Chinese triad.

Another question–is former president Duterte involved in this? I sincerely doubt it. While Duterte may have a criminal mind, but he is not that stupid. The only person whom Duterte’s name was dragged into was the killing of former supporter and Alsa Masa leader Jun Pala see link:

Duterte happens to be the tough talking mayor of Davao when Pala was gunned down. Duterte had a serious political entanglement with Pala. Pala was once a Duterte supporter but when he went against the former president, Pala got the ire from the Duterte family. However, there was no sufficient evidence to link Duterte with Pala’s killing, which until now, remains unsolved.

In Percy Lapid’s case, while the former broadcaster did blast a few acerbic remarks against Duterte, those verbal assaults, I think, were not enough for Mr. Duterte to order his assassination. Lapid’s tirades pale in comparison with that of Pala.

And let’s say Duterte was indeed pissed off by Lapid, would the former president even lift a finger? As they say, if you’re boss, you will not engage with a small fry. Duterte had no record of killing his detractors, for if he is that blood thirsty as what the media pictures him to be, why is it that Waldy Carbonel remains alive up to this day? It was Waldy Carbonell who dared Mr. Duterte to a gun duel right smack his Davao turf several years ago.

Bantag is last logical person of interest

At best, the line ends with Bantag. Or, as what NBI agents told me, Bantag’s personality fits the bill of a mastermind to a t. Bantag is reportedly astig or with a swagger likened to a thug or vice lord. When Anthony Taberna interviewed him, Bantag had the gall to say that he would probably choose to die or fight it out with government rather than allow himself to be butchered inside bilibid. This statement clearly shows the bravado of this man. He really thinks he is capable of fighting city hall all by his lonesome self. Masyadong mayabang.

And this same trait puts him right on the spot. Bantag, some sources say, probably believed that his ass was on the line when Percy exposed his so-called “mansion and a fleet of cars.” Bantag, like other Duterte hold-overs, was probably anxious for his post and wants nothing more than appear like a saint before the President. The former BUCOR chief may have over estimated himself and since his pride was pricked by what he believes is a minor media personality, he probably wanted nothing more than silence Lapid.

The only thing that bothers me is the extensive web presented by the NBI. Seems like the order to kill was shared with an over extended network of hardened criminals, even those mayores from the Iwahig prison compound in Palawan. This is already a red flag for me. Why involve many Bantag associates when the target (Percy Lapid) is an ordinary citizen, an unarmed one and without bodyguards? I would understand if the target is as high profile like the Tulfos who maintains an army of bodyguards? And why would Bantag even use his prison associates, when he can very well order such a killing to professional assassins outside the Bilibid walls? Was he so mayabang that he thought that this killing will not attract tremendous public attention since Percy was just a minor media personality?

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