Doc shot mayor and several others at Ateneo Law rites


He’s now in jail, this doctor named Ciao Yumul from Basilan. Police say he jumped bail and acted like a determined assassin for several months (?) before gunning down former Basilan Mayor Rose Furigay, her Executive assistant Vic Capistrano and a security guard who bravely used his body just to save others from dying. Furigay’s daughter is still in the hospital with several injuries.

What caught the attention of many is the brazenness and the “irony” about it. Or was it intentional? The shooting incident happened during a graduation ceremony of the country’s future lawyers, and on academic grounds, that speaks volumes. Was Yumul telling us something?

The 38-year-old doctor says he did it because he believes that Furigay is involved in the drug business in Basilan. Furigay’s lawyer denied the allegations. However, by outright denial, what then led to this unfortunate incident? Yumul is not Furigay’s political nemesis. Nothing says “this is personal” on the shooter’s part.

When interviewed by the media, Yumul appeared like he had done the right thing. What convinced him to abandon everything–his profession and act like a Denzel Washington? This is a classic case of how a rational-minded individual, a professional, could turn into a vicious killer.

Yumul reported Furigay’s alleged drug links before the Presidential Anti-Corruption Commission (PACC) led by its chairman, Greco Belgica. Belgica, for whatever reasons, did nothing. That explains why Yumul probably thought that he is all alone in his “crusade” against the proliferation of drugs in his province.

We don’t exactly know why state security forces did not even give Yumul his time and that, by itself, tells you what the situation really was. Had our cops took note of this case in faraway Basilan, maybe, just maybe, Furigay is still alive, and Yumul still practicing as a ¬†doctor.

Of course, it is incumbent upon me to say that “Yumul’s action just did not justify him shooting other human beings.” ¬†For us, maybe, but for those who decide to just do it, it’s different. We may see them as fools, but for them, their risks are worth it.

Yumul may have his reasons and we should respect that. But of course, the law will definitely mete him the punishment that society agrees as appropriate.

What is the serious thing that we need to acknowledge here is this— the possibility that people are looking at their circumstances and losing faith in the system. Yep.

This also shows you how a failure Mr. Duterte’s anti-drugs campaign was. I don’t fault Mr. Duterte. I think he meant well. It’s just that before he even decided to do that tokhang thing, he should have ensured that those who will implement this policy on ground are one with him. Meaning, Duterte should have cleansed the ranks first before implementing such a policy. Hindi padalus-dalos. Haist.

Had the authorities listened with Mr. Yumul, this could have been different? Probably. That one thing that resonates to me the most is that this happens when our authorities ignore such people as Yumul. Several things: he already jumped bail. He should have been listed as a fugitive and an alert for him should have been done. Or, did they and Yumul just had the upper hand?



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