State of the Nation according to Ferdinand Junior


This Monday, President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Junior will tell us what he believes is the State of our Nation. Like his predecessors, expect him to coach his language to be acceptable to the political crowd who will troop to the House of Representatives to hear him. Most of these people are more interested in the priority projects BBM intends to accomplish within the six years he has been given. My sources say BBM wants to concentrate on the economy for two and half years and then political restructuring efforts by the last three.

I expect BBM to tell us the whole unvarnished truth. How much damage did his predecessor inflict upon us? We only know that the previous administration got us into a US$13 billion debt, but we don’t know where these funds went? How much did the Duterte gang get just for medicine procurement? And will we, the People, get justice against those who took part in these and got tons of money just for commissions? Meaning, that this administration must give the Senate Blue ribbon committee free rein to re-investigate those responsible for that Pharmally scandal and uncover several more. The People like to see these corrupt mobs, especially those who ran and hid themselves during the Richard Gordon-led inquiry behind bars. Or, they are charged with a significant crime and spend their days waiting for execution.

BBM needs to make a sample of these people to discourage several others from dipping their fingers in the public’s cookie jar. Before this administration even opens the floodgates of public funds, BBM must send these people a message that their party days are over. This reconstruction is a serious one, and there is simply no room for anyone close to the Powers that Be to assume that it is safe for them to continue making money out of the people’s misery.

BBM also needs to be extra vigilant against those he appointed whose sole purpose is to enrich themselves in office. Several names appointed to some posts had severe ineptitude histories and had been involved in serious breaches of the law. Others had etched a reputation of corruption in their sectors, and now, they occupy sensitive posts in this administration. BBM must be warned against these people; otherwise, they may indeed be the ones who will lead this administration down the pits.

Just one corruption scandal, and this administration will surely go south.

Expect BBM to outline his plans for food security. A kilo of rice at 20 pesos—possible or not, we don’t know. Knowing BBM, he would not be convinced to use this as an election promise without him researching its validity or possibility. For us, better if he does his job well so that we see this 20 per kilo promise a reality.

What BBM will find extremely difficult is the effects of this impending global super-inflation event that many experts warn us about. The escalating conflict in Ukraine will indeed affect the world’s biggest economic superpower, and with us closely linked with it economically, we will likewise suffer some form of hardship.

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