Pasada convenes 1st Transport and Commuter Summit


More than 37 transport and commuter groups are now taking part in discussions of industry sector problems and probable solutions in the 1st PASADA convened Transport and Commuter Summit at Hotel Rembrandt today, Friday, March 25, 2022.

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Ric Rivera, Managing Director of the Pilipino Society and Development Advocates Incorporated (PASADA) Commuter-Consumers says the summit aims to identify problems of the transport sector, provide solutions and synergize all organizations for a “common stand” for the benefit of the transport sector.

Undersecretary Kris Ablan took the stage and announced the various infrastructure projects the Duterte administration that are now being used by commuters.

Former Assistant Secretary Bert Suansing emphasized the active role played by the government in improving the condition of the transport sector.

Topics being discussed include emerging digital technologies in the transport industry, modernization plans and infrastructure programs for Filipino commuters.

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