Isko Moreno–this election’s monkey wrench?


Why is it that DDS people are converging to Isko Moreno?

In many surveys, Manila mayor Isko Moreno is a far third behind Ferdinand Marcos Junior and Leni Robredo. The latest one shows Robredo slowly inching her way to the top, devouring many areas previously touted as “Marcos-Sara” territories. What is not being seen by the people are those thousands of Leni supporters trooping to every event that Leni is present. Many photos had circulated at every major city where Leni is there; thousands go and show their support. This is what I wrote in the True press newspaper—that this election might revive the EDSA spirit that this country once saw in 1986.

Now, a curious oddity—Dutertards endorsing Moreno. Question: Is this for real? Yes, everyone knows that Senator Christopher Go’s minions are now with the Isko camp. When Isko got that doctor as his vice mayor, Go’s shadow already indicated behind Isko Moreno’s campaign. Lito Banayo, for one, is close to Go. One told me that Banayo was one of Go’s communication strategists when he first ran for the Senate.

Okey—Moreno is far third, but can he threaten the two frontrunners: BBM and Leni. Go’s supporters hope so. Go’s political survival depends on who will finally get the top Executive plum this May. I am confident that Go’s business and political interests will undoubtedly be threatened under either BBM or Leni’s administration. Why? Because BBM and Leni have their own close business and political interests whose interests clash with Go’s.

On survival mode, Go has no choice but to side with the candidate he thinks could exert tremendous influence, and obviously, Moreno is “it.” First off, Moreno is a political animal and a risk-taker. Moreno likes to gamble his political and economic futures. He wants to surround himself with what he considers men of considerable influence or those who can push him to the top. The thing with Moreno is that, like Duterte, he does not follow any rules except his own misconceived and self-appreciating viewpoints. This mindset is far too dangerous for our country, especially now that the world is on the verge of systemic changes.

Okay—so what’s the relevance of Moreno? Moreno’s value is when Leni trounces BBM in the count at the end game. This election will surely be the most contested one. Leni could win slightly, which explains that yarn being peddled about that Moreno is the second choice after BBM. If Leni succeeds, these Marcos and Moreno’s forces will attempt to create political turmoil by claiming that massive cheating happened. They would use these surveys to justify their actions, creating a belief that the elections had been compromised. This early, we already read several of Senator Imee Marcos’ public pronouncements of the possible database “leak” at Smartmatic. While careful not to create the impression that this election is already compromised, Marcos’ statement had been carefully picked up by media allies.

Duterte administration part 2

Two (2) scenarios may affect this election: first, allegations of massive electoral fraud that may justify Mr. Duterte’s pronouncement of an extension of his administration. And second, a geopolitical development that may explain the administration’s extension through an emergency declaration. This forebodes the worst political fate this country would ever face in its checkered history.

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