Isko Moreno-Sara Duterte tandem emerges. Wait for March


Why an emerging Isko-Sara tandem?


It is not a secret that the group of Senator Christopher “Bong” Go is already silently supporting the candidacy of Manila mayor Isko Moreno. Several of Go’s closest associates had been seen cavorting, err, cooperating with Moreno’s inner circle, including Lito Banayo. While Go’s involvement with the Moreno campaign is an open secret, it is still a paradox whether Go is supporting the vice presidential run of Mayor Sara Duterte. Nevertheless, the snowball of support from Duterte associates to the camp of Moreno shows you the existence of a group highly critical of Sara’s teammate, Ferdinand Marcos.


The fact is—there are now tarps that only feature the face and name of Bongbong instead of the usual tarps that were posted last January. Slowly, tarps bearing the names and photos of Isko and Sara are now being seen all over. Is this indicative of the possible announcement of this tandem by March before the Holy week?


This political reality emerges as the primary irritant between BBM and Sara’s group. While these candidates call for “unity,” there is no such thing within their organization. The reason is too apparent—many people from the DDS ranks were formerly rebels and dissidents who fought during Martial law. This presidential run is too personal for many people. And despite the lure of getting more monies and possibly siding with a potential poll winner consumes most, the memories of those dark days still linger upon the minds of active reformers, many of whom got their feet wet fighting Marcos minions. The sight of them supporting the dictator’s son hurts most.


The penultimate question remains—will an Isko-Sara win, seeing that support behind Leni is snowballing? Let us see.

Conversely, will we see a strong presidential candidate gravitating towards the Leni camp? Yup. INdications are rife that at least one strong candidate will instead support and raise the hands of Leni Robredo by March as well.


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