Marcos-Duterte, Go-Duterte and the Federalist Agenda


So, the plot is beginning to unravel and for all intents and purposes, all these political maneuvers by the Marcos-Arroyo-Duterte gang seem part of a sinister program to dismember the Philippine Republic. Yes, I am talking about converting the form of government into a Federalist one, three years after the elections in May 2022.

The signs are all there—two so-called Federalist political parties are actively supporting the presidential candidacies of former Senator Ferdinand Marcos Junior and Senator Bong Go. The one supporting Macoy Junior, Partido Federalismo, expressed their willingness already for Mayor Inday Sara Duterte to become Macoy Junior’s running mate as vice president.

So, it is entirely possible that when the dust settles come November 15, we will see two presidentiables supporting the candidacy of one vice presidential contender. The deal is an excellent win-win so to speak: Palace insiders who hate BBM gang to their gut, satisfying their whim with a Go-Sara Duterte tandem; while those from the Macoy Junior clique equally satisfied with their main man now uncontested by palace men from his mission of re-claiming Malacanan.

Why is this so? This arrangement was hatched because the primary goal is to transform our country into a federal government after these elections, with former president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo donning her Speakership cap and spearheading the legislature towards another Constitutional change initiative. The deal is for Bongbong Marcos now to serve as president for three years and after the passage of the Federalist bill, hand over power to his vice president, Sara Duterte. This is the plot but contingent on one variable— both winning the polls this May 2022.

What the Lakas-NUCD wants to see in the future is a Federalist government run by Macapagal-Arroyo as Prime Minister, with a lackey of a president in the person of Mrs. Duterte-Carpio.

Why Federal?

I believe that this Federalist agenda is part of a geopolitical deal with the superpower, China. This is the first step towards converting the Philippines into a Chinese satellite state. Under the control of China, the Philippines will serve as China’s defensive buffer against any attempt by its rival the United States to strike China’s mainland. Such a condition may likewise, open or lay bare the United States mainland for possible inter-continental ballistic attacks since the Philippines archipelago straddles between the West Philippine Sea and the Pacific side of continental US.

Under a Federalist setup, it is easier for Filipino oligarchs to transact business with their Chinese counterparts since they will have their own turfs to control. China will have a field day carving the Philippines into controllable and manage-able pieces, with the Chinese Communist Party separating Federal states under their political and economic lackeys from those they don’t control. The conditions are already here. Count how many Chinese sounding names had successfully elected themselves as mayors, governors, Congressmen and even Senators. Consider how many big Chinese businessmen control both our national and regional economies.

Second, a Federal Philippines will see the unified nation wrecked into pieces, with every Federal state carved based on ethno-linguistic and political considerations. Our concept of “nation” will then be destroyed and will follow whatever dictates the interested Superpower wants. This is not a joke. It is happening now with several areas already having their own little Chinatowns. Under a Federal setup, it is entirely possible that a state fully controlled by so-called Filipino politicians with Chinese-sounding surnames will create their own Federalist identities inconsistent or unique with that of the national identity. This is like handing over the entire country to these sleeper Chinese Communist members on a silver platter.

The Monkey wrench

Now, here’s the thing—will Macoy junior honor this term-sharing arrangement? Will he give up power the minute he wins as president? In an ideal situation, some would say, yes, it is for the betterment of everyone who aspires to see a Federal Philippine state. If you ask me, there is a 50-50 chance for Macoy junior to honor this deal. Why? Macoy Junior and his political and economic associates are expected to re-coup their investments made on two campaigns: the first one for the vice presidency that ended in disaster and this presidential campaign that many expect to be more costly because this is the Marcos family’s last chance to reclaim Malacanan.

Is three years enough to re-coup their investments? Probably not, because we already have a record of the Marcos Family getting greedy and gobbling up businesses and carving their own personal turfs in both the economy and politics. The Marcoses would surely expect to gain tremendously from this latest caper.

The Kicker

Now, what is the ace that Gloria and her Lakas-NUCD men have against Macoy Junior? Well, unexpectedly, they are using these pending appeals calling for the Commission on Elections to make Macoy junior pay for misrepresenting himself in his Certificate of Candidacy (CoC). It may not be them that initiated these appeals but it sure went handy especially during negotiations with the BBM camp. What Gloria and her Lakas-KAMPPI-NUCD associates failed to account is the possibility of Macoy junior staking his chances on the possibility of getting a favorable electoral outcome from the poll body. Whatever, the fact is that these deals will go all the way to the Supreme Court and in which case, it will either frustrate or stomp his way to poll victory or it will be used by unscrupulous political forces to hold Macoy junior hostage until the penultimate time comes when Macoy Junior has to be let go.

The Fate of Inang Filipinas lies in Us

 Honestly, I felt being played and used by these evil men and women. How brazen of them to wager my future, the future of my kids and future grandchildren? How dare them already negotiating among themselves as if they already won these elections? Why are they cock-sure of the victory of Macoy Junior and Inday Sara at the polls? Do they know something that we don’t, and I am asking Senatorial and presidential legal adviser Sal Panelo and Congressman Joey Salceda who said that “its game over” the minute Inday Sara joins this political game.

Yes, we need to be very vigilant. We already saw and experienced living under extreme hardship under the setup staged by Malacanan during the pandemic when they experimented implementing quarantine measures in both regional and provincial level setups. This scheme is the same as living under a Federal setup, where contiguous states implement their own policies inconsistent with, and even differing from, other states.

Federalism will both kill our economy and our nationhood. Capitalism thrives in the free flow of goods and services. Under Federalism, there will be controlled flow of goods and services. The effects are catastrophic: we will see the further disfranchisement of poverty-stricken areas and uneven economic development in practically various places of our country. Obviously, those states supported by foreign investments will thrive while those outside the kolambo so to speak, will wallow in poverty. One example would be island provinces without any natural beauty to share with tourists or are extremely inhospitable to say manufacturing industries or even call centers. Other areas will just fall prey to mining contractors who will carve mountains and hills out for their precious copper, sand, nickel and gold deposits.

These Chinese stooges are under-estimating the power of the Filipino People. They probably have their Smartmatics, but they fail to account the nationalism of every Filipino. We can still avert this future disaster if we bond together and carry the banner of Inang Bayan to the polls. Elect only those who will defend us from these Chinese-supported predators. It is us who will shoulder the brunt of the misplaced interests and policies of these people. Worst, our ballooning debt will surely affect the very future of our kids.

End the large-scale theft of our country’s coffers. Prevent the further slide of our nation as a lackey of any superpower. End the misery of our people, who are being enslaved by Oligarchs, parasites of our generation.

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