Sara Duterte’s Gamble


Many sees Sara Duterte’s decision not to take part in the presidential elections as a “death knell” or at most, a “gamble.” Her father, President Rodrigo Roa Duterte might get the way of either former president Joseph Estrada or Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo who both got convicted and jailed for their alleged corruption. Duterte has been charged criminally before an International Court, and the case is now being investigated. Probably, a decision will be made against him post-term, and that would open Mr. Duterte to possible arrest and maybe, incarceration abroad.

President Duterte has time and again, announced that he is willing to spend time and resources just to frustrate the intention of his enemies to see him behind bars–not in the Philippines but abroad. The crime charged against Duterte, that is the “crime against humanity” charge stemmed from his alleged participation in the extra-judicial killings related to the anti-drugs campaign. Such a crime attaches en imprisonment or even a death sentence?

A decision finding Duterte guilty may again, go to the way of enforcement. Of course, members of the United States government might volunteer to arrest Mr. Duterte the minute such a decision is issued.

However, the fact that Ms. Duterte is not at all worried of such a scenario for her father speaks volumes. Lest I be misunderstood but I wholeheartedly support and understand Ms. Duterte’s decision. She wants to finish her third term as Davao mayor and maybe clean the mess that his father and his minions created in the city. There is also this thing called “kahihiyan” or “loss of face”, that most Filipinos value. I think Sara really intends to safeguard whatever is left of the supposed legacy of his father. For this, I salute Ms. Duterte.

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