Ka Leody: ‘Easing quarantine restrictions similar to the Squid Game’


Ka Leody de Guzman, presidential candidate of the Partido Lakas ng Masa and the Laban ng Masa coalition, on Wednesday compared the easing of quarantine restrictions to the popular series “Squid Game”. “Changes to quarantine restrictions are not the correct response to the pandemic. The health care system, particularly its facilities, and funds for health workers, must be strengthened. If this does not happen, our medical frontliners and the people will get sick and die,” said de Guzman. “It’s like Squid Game. The masses are desperate. They have no assistance and deep in debt. Vaccines are lacking especially in the provinces. They have to go out and work as if there is no pandemic rampaging throughout the country,” he added. The government announced on Tuesday lowering the alert level of Metro Manila to Alert Level 3 and the rollout of the system to the rest of the nation. The country has been under quarantine for almost two years, with the most recent easing of restrictions causing a surge in Covid cases. “Changes in how we call the restrictions and quarantine levels is just word play. We want to remind the government the warning from medical frontliners of the possibility of the health care system collapsing. We are worried by the pronouncements from the Philippine College of Physicians and the Private Hospitals Association of the Philippines that they can no longer breathe with the rush of Covid cases in the country,” said de Guzman. “Our health care workers have been tired and worried for almost two years, but the government isn’t listening to them. They should be included in health policy decisions and not just politicians working for billionaires who know nothing and have no stake in the discussions,” said de Guzman.

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