Bongbong Marcos-BONG GO: MandaramBONG?


Former senator Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. mentioned that he is ready to take on Senator Christopher “Bong” Go as running mate in this 2022 presidential elections. Marcos is the official presidential bet of the Partido Federal and the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) while Go is the vice presidential contender of the PDP-Laban, Cusi Wing after Go substituted for President Duterte’s stead who opted to just retire from politics.

When I heard Bongbong’s statement about Go— I suddenly lost all interest about this son of former president Ferdinand Marcos. Imagine, he is willing to stake everything–his political capital that he meticulously protected and earned thru the years— just to get nearer to Malacanan. GO is being accused of present-day corruption, with his involvement with the Pharmally people and here comes Bongbong Marcos telling everyone that he is willing to partner up with a very unpopular political personality?

Bongbong is maneuvering as a “replacement for Duterte” in an attempt to attract the Duterte constituency that allowed an old Davao-based mayor to become the first Mindanao-an president. I don’t know but maybe Bongbong’s advisers are conjuring or are harboring thoughts that Duterte has a solid constituency that is unchanging of the times. Isn’t evident from the surveys that Duterte is fast losing his dedicated and loyal base? That many former admirers are now getting onboard the bandwagons of other so-called presidentiables? And that one of them–Isko Moreno has already expressed his willingness to institute an administration that will reportedly pursue the already discredited Duterte politics to its hilt. This early, Moreno has exposed his behind–former generals who had benefitted from the largesse that Duterte threw at their feet in exchange for his electoral win.

I don’t know with you but Bongbong did himself in when he announced his willingness to partner with Senator Go in these elections. Imagine, Bongbong is willing to abandon his old friends, foremost of them Roberto Ongpin, just to get to the presidency? How will Bongbong win this time when he already and openly demonstrated that he is willing to drop his old friends and the friends of his deceased father in exchange for the chance of partnering up with the new set of oligarchs represented by Senator Go and his gang of misfits? Don’t tell me that BBM does not know that Mr. Go and his friends are direct competitors of his friends? He can always say that this is politics, yeah, but selling one’s integrity for that slim opportunity of getting an electoral win reflects the true character of a person expected to follow his father’s footsteps. Ferdinand, his old wife Imelda would say, was a good friend and a bad enemy. The elder Marcos respects the old aristocracy  so much that he made friends with them instead of directing fighting them, especially those who are jealous of his power.

With Bongbong Marcos partnering up with Senator Go, it will then be a fulfillment of a prophecy a political sage predicted several eons ago–that this country would probably be under enslavement of people who’re bereft of any moral fibre in their bodies. What then would people use to describe this tandem— pwede na bang ang tAWAG sa Kanila aY MANDARAMBONG-BONG.

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