Males make up 80% of poll aspirants for 2022


The majority of the aspirants who filed their certificates of candidacy (COCs) for national and local positions during their eight-day filing period are men, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) reported on Monday.

Based on the poll body’s latest data, of the 97 filers for president, 78 or 80.41 percent are males while 19.59 percent or 19 are females.

A total of 29 aspirants have filed for the vice presidential post, with 23 males or 79.31 percent and six females or 20.69 percent.

Male hopefuls numbering 139 or 78.98 of a total of 176 aspirants have filed their COCs for senator while only 37 or 21.02 percent are females.

Only 12 senatorial seats will be contested in next year’s polls.

For party-list representatives, of the total 1,426 nominees, 1,052 were males or 73.77 percent while females were 374 or 26.23 percent.

In the local positions, male aspirants also dominated those who are seeking to be elected in public office.

For member of the House of Representatives, a total of 733 have filed their respective COCs, 572 are males or 78.04 percent and 161 females or 21.96 percent. There are 253 available seats in the lower chamber in next year’s polls.

The positions for governors and vice governors are 81 each.

Out of the 281 filers for governor, 234 or 83.27 percent are males while 47 or 16.73 percent are females.

For vice governor, 183 or 80.97 percent are men while 43 or 19.03 percent are women.

For member of Sangguniang Panlalawigan, 1,951 candidates are vying for 782 available positions. The number includes 1,570 males (80.47 percent) and 381 females (19.53 percent).

For local government units, the positions for mayor and vice-mayor are 1,634 each. A total of 4,486 COCs filed for mayor, 3,592 of whom are males or 80.07 percent and 894 are females or 19.93 percent.

For vice mayor, there are a total of 3,968 candidates — 3,139 are males (79.11 percent) and 829 are females (20.89 percent).

As for member of Sangguniang Panlungsod/Bayan, the available positions are 13,558. The total number of COCs filed for the position is 35,636 — 28,194 or 79.12 percent are males and 7,442 or 20.88 percent are females.

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