Political bickerings force Revillame to abandon running in 2022


Popular television host Willie Revillame will not seek public office in the 2022 polls, citing the political bickerings he has witnessed as the primary reason for his decision.

In Thursday’s episode of his game show, Revillame gave his insights on the current political scene. He was considered by the PDP-Laban as a possible senatorial candidate.

“As I’ve seen today, I feel sad about these bickerings. People voted for you, but that is what all Filipinos are seeing,” he said in Filipino.

Revillame said taxpayers do not deserve to witness dirty politics.

“I feel hurt because I voted for these people, but this is what I see. How about the children? How about our future if that’s what we always see?” he said in Filipino.

He also expressed dismay on how issues are blown out of proportion amid the distressing situation brought by the Covid-19 crisis.

“And then that’s what we see on television, in the news. You’re always fighting. It’s sad. That’s one of the reasons. Will I join this? Will I go to this kind of institution?” he said in Filipino.

He eventually announced he would not seek any political position despite the clamor for him to do so.

“I will not trade you for any position in the government,” he told his in Filipino viewers and showed a signed contract for the continuity of his show.

He also admitted he is not fluent in the English language and knows little or nothing about the law, legislation, and government policies.

He said he prayed a lot and consulted officials, friends, and family on whether he will run for senator or not.

“I can’t do something which I know I’m not capable of,” he said in Filipino. “If you want to serve, remove hatred from your heart.”

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