It’s an Ampatuan vs Mangudadatus in Maguindanao gubernatorial battle


Three-termer Maguindanao Board Member Datu Yasser Ampatuan has filed his certificate of candidacy to run for the gubernatorial post of the province.

This has made the battle for Maguindanao’s top post a three-cornered fight, with two members of the Mangudadatu clan also slugging it out.

Lawyer Udtog Tago, Maguindanao election supervisor, said Ampatuan will be running against reelectionist Governor Bai Mariam Sangki-Mangudadatu and Rep. Esmael Toto Mangudadatu for the province’s top post in 2022.

Speaking briefly to reporters, Ampatuan believe he can do so much for Maguindanao with his platform that centers on peace and development.

“Peace first so development will follow,” he said.

Meanwhile, in Kabuntalan, Maguindanao, a husband and wife battle for town mayorship has developed as incumbent Vice Mayor Mary Jane Bayam-Dilangalen filed her COC and challenged her husband, reelectionist Mayor Ramil Dilangalen to the position.

Both camps are yet to issue statements on their respective candidacies, and the reason behind the difference in their political views.

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