Pharmally employee claims company supplied ‘substandard’ face shields to govt


An individual claiming to be an employee of Pharmally Pharmaceutical Corp. alleged on Friday that the company supplied “deformed, soiled and substandard” face shields to the government that were to be used by doctors and health care workers.

The individual, who said he works at the warehouse of Pharmally, said during Friday’s Senate blue ribbon committee they were ordered to repack face shields that were substandard and even dirty.

It was Senator Risa Hontiveros who presented the video of the person claiming to be a Pharmally employee, and said his statement was made under oath.

“Even if the face shields were already deformed, and the boxes were also deformed, even if they were dirty, we were told to repack those face shields,” he said in Filipino.

“The face shields that we repacked, after the finished goods, we put stickers showing they were Philippine Government Property,” he added in Filipino.

The individual claiming to be a Pharmally employee said the practice continued when he was hired this August until September of this year.

The Senate is probing the alleged overpriced purchase of health equipment like face shields from Pharmally that only had a capital of P625,000 but was able to bag more than P8 billion of contracts from the government through the Department of Budget and Management.

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