Senate tackles measures limiting vaping in public places


The Senate on Monday resumed its deliberations on proposed legislation regulating the use, importation, and sale of vaporized nicotine products (VNPs) and electronic-cigarettes.

Under the proposal, vaping will be allowed only in designated areas and where there are no minors.

Bill author Senator Ralph Recto cited studies conducted by health organizations that conclusively showed using electronic nicotine delivery systems, instead of traditional combustible cigarettes, reduces exposure to toxic gases and carcinogens linked to normal cigarettes.

During the interpellation, Senator Joel Villanueva explored possible amendments to the bill, including expanding the requirement that buyers of VNP products provide proof of age even to online retailers as well as the possibility of expanding prohibition on events and promotional events for VNPs.

The legislation prohibits the sale of VNPs 100 meters within schools, playgrounds, and other places frequented by minors.

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