Is Sara Duterte teaming up with Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos?


Former Senator Ferdinand Bongbong Marcos Jr wasn’t able to parry questions about his 2022 ambitions as he celebrates his birthday today, September 13.

A group of Sara Duterte supporters called for a Sara Duterte-Bongbong Marcos tandem. Of course, such suggestions fell on deaf ears as the Davao mayor says categorically that she will not seek a national post especially now that her father, Rodrigo, is vying for the vice presidential post come May 2022. Sara says she honors the deal she made with her father that only one Duterte will run for any national post in 2022. So there.

But of course, most say that the President is just holding the vice presidential post to either Sara or Bongbong, not until Bongbong decides to join PDP-Laban. Neither of the two are members of the administration party. There is no complication if Bongbong joins PDP-Laban– BBM is acceptable to all PDP-Laban members.

Sara, is a different case altogether. She is largely responsible for the defeat of several PDP-Laban members during the 2019 elections. Her Hugpong ng Pagbabago while just a regional party, became extremely active during 2019 that it led to a reconfiguration of politics not just in the Visayas and Mindanao but even in Luzon. Sara’s antics is hardly ever forgotten by PDP-Laban stalwarts, especially the old vanguards.

That explains why PRRD must hold the post for either Sara or BBM before the filing in October.  Time is running out for our Sara. Like Leni Robredo, Sara needs to decide whether to run or not. And when she runs, Sara must choose who among his “alleged suitors” will get her sweet yes as a tandem.

There are speculations that Sara is considering Gilbert “Gibo” Teodoro as a partner. If Sara settles with GIbo, what then happens to Ferdinand “Bonget” Marcos Jr? Will BBM just go on on his own or just settle as Sara’s second fiddle? The implications is big and serious.

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