Michael Yang, Zhao and the Syndicalization of the Philippine State


Political scientists have a term about this—satellite state. A satellite state is perceived as an independent one behaving like a normal autonomous state yet under heavy influence by another state in terms of political, economic and even social. And the Philippine state is just one.

Isn’t strange that our elected President himself, Mr. Rodrigo Roa Duterte hired a Chinese guy close to the Chinese ambassador whom Duterte says is a ranked colonel of the Philippine Liberation Army or PLA? And both, this guy Michael Yang, Chinese ambassador Zhao and Duterte are very close friends?

How many hours did these three spend discussing Philippine affairs? Maybe during the time of Duterte as a mayor, that is probably alright. But now that he is the head of a state that Duterte always say is INDEPENDENT, how many hours did he spend discussing state secrets with these guys?

Obviously, as his Presidential economic adviser, Yang had access to sensitive economic and even vital financial information about the Philippines. Yang is said to have used his title as “adviser” in accessing agencies in getting sensitive and not so sensitive information about several Philippine companies. This is BAD.

How many agencies did this Yang infiltrated? Being economic adviser, Yang must have influenced appointments in high sensitive agencies, like the Bureau of Customs and the Bureau of Immigration. The Customs department is under the Department of Finance–one of the members of the economic team of the President. How many did Yang hired to become employees and workers of this department?

Duterte gave a reason why he hired Yang– he wants Chinese investments in the Philippines. That’s good. The only problem is–how much investments did the Chinese really put in the Philippines and how many of them benefitted from their operations here during the Duterte Administration?

There is, it seems, a very dangerous competition between businesses owned by Filipino-Chinese and those setup by the mainland. Where is Yang’s loyalties? He is not a Filipino-Chinese but a Chinese migrant from the mainland, with again, strong ties with the former Chinese ambassador Zhao who happens to be a ranking military officer of the People’s Liberation Army!

Someone should investigate how much investments did Yan put in during his stint as economic adviser of Mr. Duterte. Obviously, being a Han and a mainlander, Yang’s loyalties lie with the Communist Party of China, not with the Philippine government. I thought Mr. Duterte is staunchly anti-Communist, and even allocated billions of pesos with the NT-ELAC just to exterminate what Duterte described as a terrorist organization such as the Communist Party of the Philippines? Don’t tell me that our President is that naive that both organizations are not avowed anti-liberal democracy?

For the past five years, the Philippine state was placed under a very dangerous and a very perilous situation. Five years is more than enough for assets of foreign governments to infiltrate and established a very strong presence or influence within the Philippine bureaucracy. Filipino patriots must now be very vigilant and must do their duty as citizens of this beloved country by identifying these sleepers within the Bureaucracy of the Chinese government and frustrate the political ambitions of politicians closely allied or even serving as intelligence assets of the Communist Party of China here in our country.

If we don’t do something about this, we might yet find ourselves in a deeper mire in the next five years. By that time, the syndicalization of the Philippine state will be complete.

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