PhilHealth CDO office seeks help on doctors taking advantage of Covid


The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation (PhilHealth) office in Cagayan de Oro City on Thursday asked for the public’s help in gathering evidence against hospitals and doctors allegedly changing patients’ diagnosis into Covid-19 for monetary purposes.

In a radio interview, Delio Aseron II, PhilHealth Regional Vice President, said if there are irregularities like mishandling or misdiagnosing patients, they can email him directly through

“We have heard stories like those but we need to provide evidence. Remember, our partners are hospitals and doctors, and it’s unfair to accuse (without evidence),” he said.

Aseron said if found guilty, hospitals and doctors might lose their accreditation with PhilHealth and face legal charges.

“We have a due process (to follow). I’s hard to accuse especially if it’s not true,” he said.

As Covid-19 continues to threaten the country, Aseron reminded that there are two benefit packages under PhilHealth Circular No. 2021-0007.

The first is the Covid-19 vaccine injury compensation package that will cover hospital confinement, permanent disability, or death due to serious adverse effects caused by the jab.

“This compensation package is available to all of our countrymen who had their Covid-19 jab through the vaccination program. We have a P100,000 indemnification package in case of serious adverse effects, which includes individuals who may suffer a permanent disability. It will remain in force until March 2, 2026, or until the completion of the Covid-19 vaccination program,” Aseron said.

The other compensation package will be for those who were initially assessed and managed as Covid-19 cases and eventually tested negative.

The package for mild pneumonia costs P18,000 while a severe or critical pneumonia benefit package costs P38,000.

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