More than 24.5 million Covid-19 vaccine doses already administered


The National Task Force (NTF) Against Covid-19 on Monday reported the country has already administered 24.479 million doses of vaccines for the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) nationwide.

As of Aug. 8, a total of 13.088 million individuals already got their first shots while 11.392 are fully vaccinated.

From 37,280 during the first week of the national vaccination in March, the total doses administered in the 23rd week reached 3,616,206 doses, with a 516,601 daily average during the last seven days.

Adults with comorbidities account for the most number of vaccinees, with 4,244,272 already with full doses.

“Our defense against Covid-19 and its variants is by following the minimum public health standards and getting vaccinated,” the NTF said in an advisory. “Let’s remember to properly wear our masks and face shields, observe physical distancing, wash our hands, and ensure there is ventilation when we are indoors.”

During the Aug. 6 to 20 enhanced community quarantine in the National Capital Region, the NTF said it will provide 4 million additional doses to the regular allocation.

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