QC administers more than 1 million Covid vaccine doses

Residents wait in line to be inoculated of Sinovac vaccine during the Manila local government vaccination for people ages 18-59 years old with comorbidities at the Justo Lucban Elementary School in Paco on Wednesday March 31, 2021. Rappler.com

A total of 1.014 million coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) vaccine doses have been administered by the Quezon City government since it started its vaccination program in March.

The city government attributes the continued success of their vaccination program to their medical front-liners.

“From our police officers who ensure that the vaccine supply is secure from the warehouse to the sites, the doctors, nurses and other medical workers who screen patients and administer the vaccine doses, up to the volunteers who marshal our sites, distribute forms, and clean up after, and the encoders who record our patients’ data individually — the continuous success of our program is due to your unwavering efforts. We are truly grateful for your service to our QCitizens,” Mayor Joy Belmonte said.

“Thank you so much to our medical front-liners, volunteers, and other sectors for their continuous sacrifices for a fast and efficient implementation of the #QCProtekTODO Vaccination Program,” the city government posted in Filipino on their Facebook page on Wednesday.

It also thanked QC residents for their cooperation in achieving its target of population protection.

Out of the figure, 686,311 residents or 40.37 percent of the 1.7 million target population have received their first doses while 327,677 or 19.28 percent of the target population are now fully vaccinated

The city government has continuously employed innovations in its vaccination program, such as the “QC Bakuna Nights” in order to speed up the vaccination.

The city has consistently reached a record-high record in the number of individuals vaccinated daily.

On June 23, the city government posted its highest record by administering more than 45,000 Covid-19 jabs in a single day.

“The key has always been a whole of city approach where all stakeholders, public and private, join hands to collaborate on this program. Through this, we are confident we will reach our goal of population protection in the coming months for as long as soon as vaccine supply stabilizes,” Belmonte said.

About 50 vaccination sites have been opened by the city government administering different vaccine brands such as Sinovac, Pfizer, AstraZeneca, Sputnik V, and Moderna, or whatever brand is available and given by the national government to individuals belonging to A1 to A5 priority groups.

QC Task Force Vax to Normal co-chair Joseph Juico said that the city still has plans to continue to expand and improve its vaccination program.

“While this achievement is an important milestone for the program, we can only relax once we have inoculated the last QCitizen eligible for the vaccine,” Juico said.

He said QC residents are now open to getting the Covid-19 jabs and that they no longer feel any vaccination hesitations.

The only challenge that the city currently faces is the irregular supply of the Covid-19 vaccines, he said.

With this, Belmonte appeals to their constituents for patience as the city government awaits the supply of the Covid-19 vaccine to be delivered.

Meanwhile, she also urged their residents, even those who are fully vaccinated, not to let their guard down against the virus.

“For those who have been vaccinated, lets us continue to follow the basic health protocols in order to protect ourselves, our families, and our neighbors,” Belmonte said in Filipino.

Moreover, the city government reported that its recovery rate has risen to 97.6 percent as 101,431 individuals in the city have recovered from Covid-19 according to the QC Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Unit.

As of Wednesday, the city has 1,342 confirmed active Covid-19 cases. 

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