PDP-Laban urges Duterte to make vice presidential run in 2022


The ruling PDP-Laban is urging President Rodrigo Duterte to run for the second highest post in government in the 2022 national polls.


This, as a national convention of the party on Monday saw the passing and adoption of a resolution to “convince” President Rodrigo Duterte to run for vice president in the 2022 national elections.


The party’s national council meeting was held in Cebu City and was called by Duterte himself, which was opposed by Senator Manny Pacquiao who is PDP-Laban president. However, Duterte did not attend the national meeting.


PDP-Laban vice president for external affairs Raul Lambino, who moved for the adoption of the resolution, said the national council was held because of several petitions received different local government units who want Duterte to run for the vice presidential post in the next national elections.


“The text of this resolution read as follows: ‘Resolution to convince the party chairman, President Rodrigo Duterte, to run as Vice President in the 2022 national elections and for President Rodrigo Duterte to choose his running mate for president,” Lambino said.


Pacquiao had opposed the holding of the national assembly that was pushed by Energy Secretary and PDP-Laban vice chairman Alfonso Cusi upon the instructions of Duterte. However, Duterte is not bothered by the rift between two officials of the PDP-Laban over the holding of a national assembly on Monday.

Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque made this remark after Cusi decided to proceed with the party’s national assembly despite Pacquiao’s call to ignore it.

“Not at all,” Roque said when asked if the rift between two officials caused a distraction to the President. “As you can see, life continues in Malacañang. Meetings are scheduled, meetings will be held, decisions will be made, decisions will be announced.”

On Sunday, Roque announced that Duterte directed Cusi “to organize, convene, and preside” over the national assembly of PDP-Laban.

“This move, which is part of the democratic exercise, aims to consult party members and have fruitful and productive exchanges on issues affecting PDP-Laban,” Roque said in a statement.

In a May 25 memorandum, Pacquiao told PDP-Laban members that they are “strongly advised to ignore” Cusi’s invitation as it is not sanctioned by national party officers.

Pacquiao said a call for a national assembly or meeting is subject to his and Duterte’s approval.

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