Buoys in PH Rise to assert country’s EEZ claim


The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) will install three out of the planned 10 “state-of-the-art” lighted ocean buoys at the Philippine Rise as part of efforts to mark and protect the Philippines’ exclusive economic zone (EEZ) on Wednesday.

In a Facebook post, the PCG said the three buoys – each having a length of 30 feet – are equipped with modern marine aids to navigation lanterns, specialized mooring systems, and a remote monitoring system that uses satellite technology to transmit data to the PCG National Headquarters in Port Area, Manila.

The ocean markers arrived in Cebu from Valencia in Spain on Friday and were assembled by the PCG Maritime Safety Services Command (MSSC) and M-NAV Solutions Inc. (M-NAV).

“The Uni-Orient Pearl Ventures Inc. Shipyard where the buoys were delivered also assisted during the assembling process,” the PCG said.

It said PCG Commandant Admiral Geroge Ursabia Jr., along with M-NAV Marine Aids to Navigation Specialist Engr. Adrian Van Boven, PCG Central Visayas Commander Rear Admiral William Isaga, and the Technical Inspection Team of the PCG MSSC inspected the buoys on Monday.

“[Ursabia] also checked the equipment and other materials that will be used to install the ocean markers in the Philippine Rise situated 250 kilometers east of the northern coastline of Aurora,” the PCG said.

During the inspection, Ursabia said the buoys in the Philippine Rise “will effectively communicate” that the vicinity waters are considered “special protected zone,” hence mining and oil exploration are strictly prohibited to preserve its natural resources.

The PCG said the ocean markers will also be used to mark the designated food supply exclusive zone and ensure safe navigation in the Philippine Rise.

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