Aside from being a valid identification, the Philippine Identification System (PhilSys) or National ID is for life without the need for renewal.

Also, the National ID is for free with no single centavo spent by the registrant, said the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA), frontline implementer of PhilSys.

PSA, on its April 21 Facebook post, said resident aliens have to renew their PhilSys ID.

Under PhilSys guidelines, a Filipino National ID holder can amend some information in his previous data provided it is significant like a change of address or status.

A National ID is a single valid proof of identity which will be accepted in major transactions including banks and other private entities.

There are a lot of queries why low-income families are the first in line for the registration.

PSA said that primarily, the Filipino National ID is designed to cater to the less privileged families who are in need yet cannot access basic services either from government or formal institutions due to lack of valid identification.

In times of crises such as the ongoing pandemic, it would be easier for these families to avail of assistance through their national IDs.

Private institutions also offer financial assistance or credits to small and medium enterprises, cooperatives. However, valid identification is a requirement in order to avail of their credit windows.

Needed for business loans

Meanwhile, Alfredo Sagria, a micro-entrepreneur engaged in buy-and-sell in Kidapawan City, said not having a valid ID could cause problems when applying for loans for his business.

“I’d like to avail of the programs of government or loan from a financial institution to add to my capital for my small business but I can’t move because I have no valid ID, mine is only my birth certificate),” he said in the dialect.

Sagria, in an interview on April 17, said he has completed the Step 1 registration for PhilSys and was qualified to proceed to Step 2.

In an interview, Sagria said he’s just waiting for the call for “my schedule for Step 2 hope this will be already finished so I can avail assistance from the government.

PSA is targeting to register up to 50 million Filipinos and resident aliens by 2022.

Signed into law by President Rodrigo R. Duterte in August 2018, Republic Act 11055, or the Philippine Identification System Act, aims to establish a single national ID for all Filipinos and resident aliens.

The national ID shall be a valid proof of identity that shall be a means of simplifying public and private transactions, enrollment in schools, and the opening of bank accounts.

It will also boost efficiency, especially in dealing with government services where people will only need to present one ID during transactions.

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