DOH logs 4,143 more Covid recoveries to bring total to 946,318


The Department of Health (DOH) reported on Friday that 4,143 individuals have recovered from the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19), bringing the country’s total recoveries to 946,318 or 91.2 percent of all infections.

In its daily Covid-19 bulletin, the DOH also reported 8,748 new infections, bringing the country’s active cases to 73,908 or 7.1 percent of all infections since the beginning of the pandemic last year.

Out of the active cases, it said that majority at 95.1 percent are showing mild symptoms, asymptomatic at 1.7 percent, those with severe symptoms at 1.3 percent, those in critical condition at 1 percent, and those with moderate symptoms at 0.87 percent.

It also reported 89 new deaths, raising the country’s Covid-19 death toll to 17,234 or 1.66 percent of all infections.

Based on DOH data as of Thursday, it said a total of 54,025 individuals were tested for Covid-19, with 17 percent returning positive for the disease.

In the National Capital Region (NCR), the utilization of beds for Covid-19 remains high — with 700 intensive care unit (ICU) beds at 71 percent occupancy, 3,800 isolation beds at 51 percent occupancy, 2,200 ward beds at 62 percent occupancy, and ventilators at 55 percent utilization.

In the entire country, a total of 1,900 ICU beds are at 64 percent occupancy, 13,600 isolation beds at 45 percent occupancy, 6,000 ward beds at 51 percent occupancy, and 2,000 ventilators at 43 percent utilization.

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