Mon Tulfo: Govt running like headless chicken


Ramon Tulfo, a long-time friend of President Rodrigo Roa Duterte describes how government is being run today as governance ala a “headless chicken.” He says Duterte should also be very transparent with the status of his health to allay people’s fears. click : #dutertepalpak.

This is what exactly we wrote several moons ago— that we are being led by no one. Aren’t you concerned with what you see on television today, especially during Duterte’s enigmatic press conferences? Mon maybe asking for the president’s presence but he forgets that there in his Barong glory sits Senator Bong Go always beside his idol, President Duterte. Isn’t that uncanny?

People just dismiss Go’s presence as nothing more than a blind obeisance to a man whom he has personally served for more than twenty years. He’s nothing more than an alalay, says detractors. It seems though that that is not the case anymore.

In times when a Chief Executive is being suspected of having an illness or too weak to govern, people worry that other men might fill in the vacuum left. Bong Go seems to revel to the suspicion that he is the magic man, and not Finance secretary Carlos Dominguez.

Bong Go seems to be the the puppeteer. Imagine, a senator of the land always attending Cabinet meetings alongside the President? Aren’t Go already busy reading and crafting laws? And he’s everywhere— from Manila to Isabela to Visayas and Mindanao. Go seems to be the president himself.

Who told the president to job in the wee hours of the morning, swing that golf club and even ride a motorcycle just to prove that he’s alive? Who was the person beside him during those classic Kodak moments? Go.

For those who don’t know, GO is an elected Senator of the land, not a Special Assistant to the President. Why is he always there during Cabinet meetings? Is Go the special envoy of the Senate? Did Senate president Tito Sotto III gave Go the right to attend those meetings?

Is GO sharing all the happenings in Malacanan before his colleagues at the Senate, particularly Senator Franklin Drilon?

And when Cabinet secretaries greet the president, the next they greet is Bong Go. Is Go the Vice President of this country?

Our eyes had been accustomed to watching such scenes of allay-ings that we forget that the Executive and the Legislative are two different branches of government, all doing their part in making democracy work in the Philippines.

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