Manila sets more more lockdowns to avoid Covid cases spike


The city government of Manila announced late Friday it is imposing more lockdowns beginning Monday (March 22) at 12:01 a.m. until Thursday (March 25) at 11:59 p.m. amid the surge of new Covid-19 infections.

Twelve villages, one street, and one building are covered by Mayor Francisco “Isko Moreno” Domagoso’s Executive Order No. 8, which declared “certain barangay or portion thereof of the city as a critical zone for zoning containment strategy in order to provide rapid response operation to contain the resurgence and spread of Covid-19.”

The barangays and areas that will be placed under lockdown are the following:
—Barangay 107
—Barangay 147
—Barangay 256
—Barangay 262
—Barangay 297
—Barangay 350
—Barangay 385
—Barangay 513
—Barangay 519
—Barangay 624
—Barangay 696
—Barangay 831
—Street lockdown (Barangay 353): Kusang Loob Street, Sta. Cruz
—Clustering Lockdown (Barangay 658): NYK Fil-Ship Management Building

As in previous instances, the city government will conduct disease surveillance, massive contact tracing, and verification of testing and rapid risk assessment.

“We announced it two days before so that those who will be affected will not be caught by surprise. That is why what we do now is street lockdown and clustering lockdown so that others who are following the protocols will not be affected,” Domagoso said in Filipino.

The copy of the executive order was already sent to Manila Police District chief, Gen. Leo Francisco, for police augmentation, maintenance of peace and order, and implementation of hard lockdown.

As of Friday, 356 new cases were recorded for a total of 2,155 active infections.

The hospital occupancy rate in Manila’s six district hospitals has reached 55 percent while quarantine facility occupancy is at a critical 93 percent.

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