How will the Philippine Opposition win this 2022?


The only way possible for the Opposition to win 2022 is for it to forge ahead by presenting an alternative to the strong-arm governance model being promoted by the Duterte administration. Win the hearts and minds of the people not by promoting a political personality but by the strength of the solutions the Opposition as a movement want to pursue post-elections. With the people solely united by this Ideal, expect the appropriate Leader or set of Leaders will emerge from the public sphere. Meaning, throw away your present strategy of following the traditional political mindset come every election that is, personality-oriented campaigns. The people do not need to follow a leader— they need to be inspired and follow an ideal. Do away with personality centric tactics and focus on hammering out the best ideal for the people to gravitate about.

The Philippine Opposition will win this presidential elections in 2022 by shedding its yellowish skin and packaging itself as a fresh, new movement for true change. The Opposition must seize back the rhetoric of change and infuse in it a new perspective that every single Filipino feel he should personally own.

What do I mean by shedding its yellowish skin? The Opposition must be representative of the Filipino People, and not by one political party. It should be ready to go back to the mattresses (a term endeared by the Italian mafia) and should resume the organizing work that Philippine civil society is highly known and recognized for worldwide.

This new opposition movement should be led by both the old guards and the young idealists. The Old guards must provide the ideological direction while the young idealists should put on the muscle.

The theme should be recovery from the lurid state we are in. Recovery of everybody thru God-inspired leadership, a leadership that frowns corrupt and inhumane acts while encouraging positive actions for the benefit of the individual, the family and the state.

Idealist segments of the Philippine security forces should be part of this movement, alongside members of the academe, bureaucracy, civil society and private companies. What lacks the Oppositionist forces today is one unified belief system. All groups should put their ideological or political biases aside and unite under one simple goal— a prosperous and better life for all Filipinos everywhere.

This goal is achieve-able by pursuing a nationalist, democratic revolution, a form of resistance that aims to protect and defend the established government against foreign, undemocratic administrations. Nationalist here means pro-Filipino, while democratic means liberal democracy under the rule of law. By the way, liberal democracy here is far from the principles being espoused by the Liberal Party of the Philippines.

In achieving this goal, this country needs leadership that is inspired by God and driven by the sole quest of improving lives of Filipinos here in these lands and abroad. This form of leadership should be promoted by a Council composed of elected representatives of each sector– the civilian sector composed of public officials and private institutions, civil society composed of both ideological and non-ideological groups including the religious sector and the military and police.

This leadership should exercise compassion for Filipinos who do their part in nation-building and relentless against Filipinos and other groups who pursue their selfish motives by the guise of manipulating the very rotors of liberal democracy. Should this movement wins, the head of the new government should immediately create a Truth and Justice Commission. This Commission will prosecute grafters and corrupt members of the Philippine bureaucracy alongside their private sector backers.

The new government will likewise, discourage people who have served any administration for the last twenty years to assume positions. Those people who once served government and are found not to have dipped their fingers in the people’s cookie jar, will be hired as consultants.

The next step requires a review of the relationship between the state security forces and the state itself. There should never be a repeat of these security forces aiming their guns against the people whom these forces have sworn to protect by their lives. The military should be asked to go back to their barracks and should be given time for self-reflection. While doing just that, leaders of the new government must cut the ties that bind the military with leaders of administrations. Promotions and all stuff related to military matters must be resolved within the military establishment by themselves and not by political leaders. Promotions therefore, must be left to the discretion of the military hierarchy based on meritocratic principles. A new institution must arise from the ashes of the old AFP, dedicated solely on strengthening external defense while leaving local defense in the hands of the Philippine National Police or PNP.

On Economic Recovery

Under our present capitalist system, economic recovery depends much on consumer confidence. Higher consumer confidence means more consumption. More consumption means more profit and more and higher profits translate into more jobs, etal.

The new government must quickly convene a summit conference composed of economists and the top honchos of Philippine corporations. The goal is simple— how may the private sector help in the revitalization of the Philippine economy amidst threats of globalization and of climate change.

(to be continued…)


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